Introducing the FIRST EVER offer to help you scale your design services with our FULL VAULT of Showit website templates

Over FORTY Northfolk templates with new designs added throughout the year to keep your content bank fresh.

Does   this
 sound just  a little
like     you?

You could easily take on more projects to increase your revenue, but your burned out already. The last thing you want is to add more to your plate.

You have the skills to handle those custom clients, but wish you had a way to work more efficiently and save yourself time on redundant design tasks.

Template customizations are a great way to save you and your clients time and money, but you're probably still spending countless hours incorporating custom features.

The Vault just might be the answer you're looking for. Get full access to all of our hard work. Save yourself TIME while increasing your REVENUE.

"I wish I could increase my revenue without working more hours."

"My custom services are always sold out, and my calendar is always full."

"I have more and more people asking for template customizations."

"You know you need to start working smarter - not harder."









Sound appealing? we thought so.

You see where this is going right? When you have more time, and you can take on more clients, at a higher price point, your revenue is going to go up, up, UP!

Increase your income

With all that time you're saving not starting from scratch, you'll be able to finally take on those dream clients you've had to previously turn down.

Take on more clients

Imagine the feedback you get when you're accomplishing top of the line work in a fraction of the time? Be ready for those referrals to come pouring in!

Level up your client experience

Stop spending countless hours starting from scratch when you can pull in individual canvases or full pages to use in all of your custom client projects and site customizations.

Cut your project time in half

wouldN'T you rather...

now you can have access too!

But we couldn't do what we do, as efficiently as we do it, without the library we have built and have access to. 

We consistently work with some of the most
in their industry...

With complete access to all of Northfolks extensive and ever growing library of Showit templates and canvases with un*limited commercial use rights.

by northfolk

The Vault

checkout the goods

for designers, by designers.


Step 1. Complete your application to The Vault HERE

Step 2. If we think you'll benefit from our membership, you will receive an invite with a link to choose your payment plan and officially join.

Apply for your membership to The Vault

How it works

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Once you complete checkout, you will get immediate access to the entire Vault and community inside our Mighty Network. Come on in, introduce yourself, and get ready to level up in ways you couldn't imagine before.

Get immediate access to everything inside The Vault

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How it works

Yup!! This will take you about 5 minutes, but you'll have 40+ share keys to load right into your Showit account for easy access while building.

Load all of our Showit Share Keys into your account

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How it works

That's right!! We want to list you as a Northfolk Partner.  Every week we have a dozen+  inquiries that we send over to our directory of  trusted partners  with  full access to our entire library. 

*All Vault Partners are eligible for our referral program. You just need an ACTIVE website and  to submit 2 sample sites for review.

Apply for our Partner Referral Program

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How it works

Kasandra mitchell
the humble lion

“Taking time to explore real meaning - on both a personal and professional level - is a rare luxury, and Sam + Rachel made the experience as effortless as it was enriching, in every sense. I would love to take the time to do a workshop with them every year!”




“Taking time to explore real meaning - on both a personal and professional level - is a rare luxury, and Sam + Rachel made the experience as effortless as it was enriching, in every sense. I would love to take the time to do a workshop with them every year!”




“Taking time to explore real meaning - on both a personal and professional level - is a rare luxury, and Sam + Rachel made the experience as effortless as it was enriching, in every sense. I would love to take the time to do a workshop with them every year!”



We have Templates in the vault for

Service Providers
Graphic Designers
and more . . .


Our library has 40+ Showit templates with new designs added throughout the year! Easily mix and match to build custom designs. 

Full access to our entire design library

Anytime we have a client that wants it done for them, or to mesh templates, we can save them money and send them directly to YOU. 

Option to join our Partner Referral Program



Where most designers only offer a single use license, inside The Vault, you get full commercial access to use all of our designs in your client projects.

Commercial use license for client projects

As a member of The Vault, you get early access before our designs launch to the public. We encourage exclusive offers with your services for those wanting to buy. 

Early access to new designs twice per year



Get access to a special  section of white listed Showit templates you can use for designing templates for resale.  Includes are best selling Showit Canvas Kit!!! Check it out HERE

Commercial use section for template building

Our Vault  portal includes an activity feed where you are welcome to lean on us for support while utilizing our assets. Stuck on a special feature? Ask! Want help celebrating a launch? We got you!

Northfolk support and community



so what's INCLUDED in the vault

Join the Waitlist

Join the Waitlist

Join the Waitlist

Guess what else comes with your membership to THE VAULT?

You will have a faster client project turnover giving you more TIME.

More time allowing you to take more CLIENTS (or an actual vacation!)

More clients at a higher — caliber giving you higher REVENUE.

Annual Member Access

*NEW* Guest Pass

Annual VIP Access

By applying to The Vault, you agree to the terms of service posted HERE and will sign a 12 MONTH contract after which you can renew for a substantial discount. *Due to the nature of our instant access and digital file delivery, all sales are FINAL (includes payment plans). No returns, refunds or early cancellations.   




1 payment of

Get access to our newest collection of (3) templates with un*limited commercial license

1 payment of


Pay in full and get 2 months of the Vault on the house

Pay $1,200 USD today for instant access, then 11 additional payments of $1,200 monthly


Annual Member Access

The Investment


*View from desktop or visit from a mobile browser and rotate your screen to see a more in depth comparison*

more details? We got you!

Do I have to apply?

is there a contract?

how many designs can I access?

Can I get early access to your designs?

will you refer clients to me?

how does renewal work?

annual access

The Vault

Let's  compare  the investment options a little further.


Get your Pass

ALL of our existing templates and anything new we create within your one year membership. Thats 40+ designs!

guest pass

*Launching Spring '23*

Can I use these for building templates?





The Vault  Guest Pass comes with our most recent three (3) templates during the term you are purchasing your pass.



Yes. All Vault Members have the option to participate in our Partner referral program.


At the end of your first year, you will have the option to renew at a discounted rate of $6k. 

There is no renewal process. The Guest Pass is a one time purchase.  *See notes.

The Vault has a commercial use section that includes our Showit Canvas Kit for template building.

No.  The Guest Pass does not include access to our Showit Canvas Kit.


* If you purchase a Guest Pass, you have a 60 day window to upgrade to a full Annual Vault Membership and have your Guest Pass fee applied to the cost of your membership.


Hell yeah for more money, but how about these life changing benefits...

You have decreased your work load

You have increased your REVENUE.

You have increased your TIME.

Total Revenue: 

3 Clients


You're currently overloading yourself to hit those revenue goals.

$2,200 / each

Being drained is leaving you without the systems in place to provide an experience where you could charge more.

Time Invested: 2 months

You allotted 2 months but they are dragging on for 3 and possibly more. 

How about the MATH. Let's BREAK it down.

Total Revenue

2 Clients

Yup! Let's decrease your workload!

$5,200/ each

With our templates at your fingertips, you're offering a much more customized service at a higher price point.

Time Invested: 1 month

You're actually completing your client work in your desired time frame.


Let's take your new total revenue of
$10,400 - $1,600 for The Vault... You have increased your profit to:



"I love your templates, but I just need someone to set it up and customize it for me!"

The BEST part? You are
not just a member, you're a NORTHFOLK PARTNER.

Not only does The Vault give you full access to our template library, but you have the option to join our Partner Referral program. Every time we get messages like these....

We send them to YOU!

"I wish I could mix and match features from several of your templates! can you do that?"

xo, Sam & Rachel

We are looking to simplify
the traditional web design process, providing tools and resources that better guide burnt out and busy designers so they can focus on running their
business efficiently.

Our Philosophy

your new bff's in business

We have spent the last decade pushing the limits on website template design, and now we are pushing the limits yet again with the first membership of its kind.

What if you didn't have to do this solo designer thing so... solo? We are Sam and Rachel, and we are giving our fellow designers commercial access to use our top selling templates for unlimited client projects. Crazy right??

Are you a Showit Website Designer? We want to partner with YOU. It's time you level up your business and work SMARTER, not HARDER.


frequently ASKED questions

Hell YES you can!! That's what makes The Vault such a HUGE value for you and your business. You will have full commercial use rights to use just pieces, pages or full designs for all your client projects. Stop wasting time building things from scratch! 

The Vault has TWO sections.

  1. Our  un*limited commercial use section with our Northfolk Signature and Add On templates  can be used by you, for an unlimited number of client projects.
  2. Our COMMERCIAL use section with our Showit Canvas Kit can be used for template building and resale purposes. 

With The Vaults commercial license, you can use them an unlimited amount of times for an unlimited amount of customers and projects.

Yes. You will have full access to all of our signature templates, add-on templates and specialized tool templates like our best selling Type Kit.

We are currently operating on a bi-annual schedule with template launches April 1 and October 1. You will get access to any new templates that are added during your annual term.

Due to the delivery of instant access to our assets, payment plans cannot be cancelled. Once you have fulfilled your 12 month commitment, you will have the option to renew at a lower rate or purchase a guest pass during our bi-annual launches.

We  will have open enrollment twice a year; the last two weeks of March and the last two weeks of September.   Our terms run from April 1-March 30 of the following year,  and  October  1-September 30 of the following year.

If you have been approved, but missed the enrollment deadline, we offer a  two week grace period  to enroll. Beyond the two weeks, you will need to  wait for the next terms open enrollment to apply again.

Calling all Showit Designers!!!! For a limited time only, grab FOUR (4) of our most used canvases for Showit!!! INCLUDES commercial license so you can save time, and easily use these over and over again for all your client projects! 



do you want to see the potential of the vault in your OWN BUSINESS?

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